Apricot Navigation Admin Dashboard Template (Admin Templates)

Apricot Bootstrap 3 Admin Dashboard Template – is an admin template build with bootsrap. One of its features is when sidemenu fashion icon into the “menu text” that appears only as a tooltip. And the menu also can be searched by search menu facility, which is useful for many menu for easy searching


  • Great Side Bar Menu
    Apricot Bootstrap 3 Admin Dashboard Template has a sidebar menu that represents a modern user experience

  • Searchable Side Menu List
    Apricot Bootstrap 3 Admin Dashboard Template you can find the menu that you want, this much-needed facility for the menu with a lot number. eg megamenu

  • Clean & Simple Design
    With a clean design and flat, this template does not seem complicated. but very attentive to function as a backend template

  • Bootsrap
    All the facilities available in order to accommodate all the features can support with Bootstrapping


v1.3 – 01.06.2014

- [+] Add Blank Page
- [+] Profile Page
- [+] Add Input Tag
- [+] Add Search menu on minimize mode

v1.2 – 26.05.2014

- [+] Add Social Page
- [+] Media Page
- [+] Blog List Page
- [+] Blog detail Page

Redesign Sidebar Menu
Redisign Top Navbar Menu 
Increase Page Load

v1.1 – 16.05.2014

- Some bug issue fixed
- Increrase page load time
- Add more background
- Restyling left sidemenu
- Optimize mobile version
- IE bug fixed

v1.0 – 13.05.2014

- release