Team – Multisport & eSport WordPress Theme (Entertainment)

Team is a multisport sport & e-sport WordPress theme developed specially for sport clubs, e-sport themes and different sport events. Our exclusive sport management system allows you to add a new team, player, match or tournament in a few clicks. Provide quick updates for ongoing matches in a text broadcast or make a video broadcast on a special broadcasts page. Announce upcoming matches with such details as time, stadium, weather forecast, referees, team lineups and every player’s positions. After match is finished, provide users with detailed match statistics.

Tournament schedule and tournament tables are there to help you easily keep all the information organized and updated in time.

Built with Visual Composer and best WordPress practises, Team will meet yours or your customer needs. Woocommerce is integrated with the theme, so you can create an online shop to sell merchandise and supporting goods. Team designed to be clean and fully responsive, and you’ve got no need to find another solution, Team is here for you.

Four available demos and 2 more are coming soon

Multisport Sport and eSport content managment system

Statistic system based on match scores

Extended match pages

Visual composer included. Save $34 for other fun

50+ special sports addons

Visual Composer with exclusive sports addons

Sport and eSport shop on woocommerce 3.0.X

We'll always please you by regular updates

Fully responsive theme

Fully controlled layouts and page components

Fully customizable colors and fonts

Font Awesome icon library

Google fonts library

Using best wordpress practices

The theme is ready for full translation

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Visual Composer addons list:


  • Championship Header
  • Championship participants grid
  • Championships listing


  • Match header
  • Soccer pitch strategy
  • Hockey pitch strategy
  • Basketball pitch strategy
  • Baseball pitch strategy – coming soon
  • American football pitch strategy – coming soon
  • Match broadcast
  • Match championship info
  • Match team statistics
  • Match events timeline
  • Match weather
  • Match players list
  • Match referees
  • Match reporters list
  • Match text stream
  • Match trainers list
  • Matches broadcasts listing
  • Matches list
  • Matches slider
  • Next match


  • Team header
  • Team matches statistics table
  • Team matches statistics graphs
  • Teams table listing


  • Player page header
  • Player matches statistics graphs
  • Player clubs history statistics
  • Player profile photo
  • Player statistics radar chart
  • Player summary information
  • Players statistics slider by team
  • Player grid listings
  • Player table listing
  • Rating of players based on their match stats
  • Players slider


  • News ticker
  • Icon slider
  • News media line
  • Social sharing line


  • Woocommerce products slider

Theme customizin

All of the theme’s customizing options are built-in to standart WordPress cutomizer.

All of the theme’s widgets and customizing options support real-time editing via WordPress customizer live preview.


  • Variations: boxed, boxed no margins, left-sidebar, right-sidebar, full width
  • Customizing global rules for any post-types archives and single pages
  • Rewriting rules in any pages or posts

Enabling/disabling page components

  • Components: pre_header, search, socials_and_contacts, header_menu, header_menu_sticky, breadcrumbs, title, footer_widget_area, footer_menu, footer_copyright
  • Customizing global rules for any post-types archives and single pages
  • Ability to rewrite global rules on any page or posts

Fonts and color schemes

  • Customizing color scheme for all page elemenets, more then 110 elements colors options
  • 600+ Google Fonts library

Social and Contacts

  • Font Awesome icon library
  • Social and contacts shortcodes which can be placed anywhere on page

Coming Soon & Maitenance pages

  • Countown timer and automatic access
  • Customizable background image, and more.

Site identity

  • Logo
  • Favicon
  • Title background image
  • Footer background image
  • Footer copyright

Content managment


  • Games is a global option of content managment system
  • Available games: american football, football, hockey, basketball
  • Available eSport games: DOTA 2


  • Main options: game, match name, first and second team, related championship, match referees, broadcasts, start and end time, status (past, ongoing or future), weather forecast for the match and more.
  • Soccer match overall statistics: goals, possesion, shots, shots on target, corners, fouls, pass accuracy
  • Soccer match player statistics: goals, yellow cards, red cards, assists, shots per game, pass success rate, tackles, man of the match, player activity in match(primary staff, bench, inactive, dropped), team captain.
  • Hockey match overall statistics: goals, shots on goal, faceoff percentage, power play, penalties in minutes, hits, blocked shots, giveaways.
  • Hockey match player statistics: goals, assists, points, plus-minus, penalties in minutes, shots on goal, hits, blocked shots, giveaways, takeaways, faceoff percentage, time on ice, power play time on ice, short-handed time on ice.
  • Basketball match overall statistics: points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, turnovers, field goals percentage, three-point goals percentage, free throws goals percentage.
  • Basketball match player statistics: minutes, field goals, three-point goals, offensive rebounds, defensive rebounds, rebounds, assists, steals, turnovers, personal fouls, plus-minus, points4
  • American football match overall statistics: first downs, total yards, passing, rushing, penalties, turnovers, punts.
  • American football match player statistics: completions, pass attempts, passing yards, yards per pass attempt, touchdowns, longest play, interceptions thrown, total fumbles, passer rating, first downs, fumbles lost
  • Visual Composer Page Templates: simple football, soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball match page, simple eSport match page, extended eSport match page
  • Visual Composer Addons:
    • extended matches slider
    • football, soccer, hockey, basketball, baseball pitch with player positions
    • match details
    • player listing
    • referee listing
    • trainers listing
    • match overall statistics
    • match players statistics
    • match live broadcasts
    • match timeline with related match events
    • live text stream based on match events
    • live text stream commentator list

Match events

  • Options: match, player related to the event, event type (goal, replacement player or other), time the event occured
  • Visual Composer Addons:
    • match events timeline
    • match live text stream
    • match commenatator listing

Match Broadcasts

  • Options: commentators, sport, name of broadcasting source, broadcasting source logo, broadcasting language
  • Visual Composer Addons:
    • Broadcasts listing

Match broadcasts commentators

  • Options: name, photo, bio, country
  • Visual Composer Addons:
    • broadcasts commentators listing


  • Attributes: name, logo, sport, country, custom text attributes.
  • Visual Composer Page Templates:
    • Simple team page
  • Visual Composer Addons:
    • Team header
    • News ticker
    • Team mathes listing
    • Team matches statistics
    • Team’s next opponent
    • Previous matches results
    • Team players listing
    • Matches broadcasts listing
    • Championships listing
    • Social sharing line
    • Sponsors slider


  • Attributes: sport, team, name, photo, country, full name, date of birth, birthplace, height, weight, birthday, playing position, number, team activity, team captain
  • Visual Composer Page Templates:
    • simple player page
    • extended player page
  • Visual Composer Addons:
    • player’s team header
    • profile photo
    • player’s summary information
    • player’s bio
    • player’s team history statistics table
    • player’s matches statistics table
    • player’s matches statistics graph
    • player’s statistics radar chart
    • player’s rating statistics table
    • previous matches results
    • upcoming matches listing
    • matches broadcast listing
    • News media line
    • Social sharing line


  • Options: name, game, country, profile photo
  • Visual Composer Page Templates:
    • simple referees page
  • Visual Composer Addons:
    • match page referees listing


  • Options: name, profile photo game, team, country
  • Visual Composer Page Templates:
    • simple trainer page
  • Visual Composer Addons:
    • match page trainers listing


  • Options: name, game, date start & end, championship logo, participant of the championship, custom text attributes, excerpt.
  • Visual Composer Page Templates:
    • simple championship page
    • extended championship page
  • Visual Composer Addons:
    • championships listing
    • championship teams grid
    • championship team standings
    • latest matches listing
    • upcoming matches listing
    • news media line
    • sponsors slider

Championship Standings

  • Visual Composer Addons:
    • championship standings


  • Formats: default, video, link, image, link, quote, status, audio


  • Image caption styling
  • Lightbox gallery view
  • Posts listing
  • Post page


  • Design pages: shoping cart, checkout, product page, product reviews, products listing, notices and more.

Unique page designs views

  • 404
  • Coming Soon
  • Posts listing
  • Post Single
  • Post comments listing and comment form
  • Unique gallery and image box views (using native WordPress gallery)
  • Seacrh result listing
  • Product page
  • Product listing
  • Shoping cart
  • Checkout
  • Football home page
  • Football amateurs home page
  • Simple football match page
  • Extended football match page
  • Soccer home page
  • Soccer amateurs home page
  • Simple soccer match page
  • Extended soccer match page
  • Hockey home page
  • Hockey amateurs home page
  • Simple hockey match page
  • Extended hockey match page
  • Basketball home page
  • Basketball amateurs home page
  • Simple basketball match page
  • Extended basketball match page
  • Baseball home page
  • Baseball amateurs home page
  • Simple baseball match page
  • Extended baseball match page
  • Matches listing
  • Default match page
  • Player page
  • Trainer page
  • Referee page
  • Team page
  • Teams listing
  • Championship page
  • Championships listing


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